Submitted Design

CAD Rendering

Submitted Design

CAD Rendering

Custom Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

There’s Valentine’s Day jewelry, and then there’s custom jewelry made especially for your Valentine.  Don’t just settle for any old jewelry off the shelf.  Let us, here at imagine custom jewelry, create a special ring, or pendant that you design especially for your special Valentine.

All you need to to is to submit a design drawn out on a piece of paper, and we will do the rest.  If you have a custom design you created in a design program, you can upload that file to us as well.  However you submit your design, we can render the design using your CAD system and send you a sample image so you will know exactly how it will turn out when it is complete.

Don’t go out there and buy some other “Custom Jewelry” that has been replicated over and over again.  When you really want that special extraordinary jewelry item, we are the place you want to start.

There is no cost for a bid.  We will simply take your design, create the design in our CAD system and send you the photo of what the finished product would look like and a bid, and we won’t charge you a dime for it. We can even give you different options on precious and semiprecious stones so you can get exactly what you want for the price that is best suited to your budget.

When you are ready to get started, simply click here, and send us your name phone number, tell us what kind of metal you want to use, what kind of gem you are thinking about, and upload the picture or file you created and we will handle the rest.


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