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Submitted Design

CAD Rendering

What We Offer

When you are looking for Custom Made Jewelry, we are your best resource.  As a customer you are given the best customer service through Imagine Custom Jewelry available.  We are also able to give you detailed examples of what your design will look like even before you decide to follow through with the job.

We will take your custom made jewelry design and create a CAD rendering of your design at no cost to you.  You will know exactly what your custom ring, or pendant will look like before any payments are made.

Whether you are a customer looking for a very unique gift for someone special, or a jeweler who has your own customers we are ready to help. Follow the simple process to submit your design idea, and someone will contact you shortly to let you know we have received your design. To begin the process, just click here, fill out the form, and send a copy of your drawing or picture to us. We will take it from there. It’s that simple.


Using only the highest quality materials our design experts create the very best accurate designs. With our professional grade software, we design models that are made to meet precise quality standards with ultra fine attention to detail and intricate features. Let our experts design your custom piece we know that our quality services will live up to your expectations.


In our custom designing, we offer our customers a very quick turnaround within 48 hours, making you even faster with your quotes to help you bring your product to market. We ensure that you will have your custom design speedily brought to life. Our comprehensive services allow us to complete your personalized jewelry designs in a timely manner.


You will get to work directly with one of our expert designers when contracting Imagine for your design. Our designers are experts in their field and will do everything they can to bring your design concept to life. During every stage of the manufacturing process, from the original concept to completion, one of our exceptional designers will be there to answer your questions and make sure every detail is perfect. Fill completely free to contact us at any time, we can create everything from custom rings and pendants to things like gifts designed for corporate jewelry awards, and other special occasions.


Get a head start on the competition and use the fastest and easiest way to bring personalized custom CAD CAM jewelry to your customers. You will not lose out if your customer does not proceed because our CAD work is completely FREE. You don’t have to own expensive software and equipment, or spend months of your valuable time to learn how to use the software, to be able to take advantage of this PROFIT CENTER NOW! Use us to help you bring custom designed jewelry to your customers.

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